Middleboro Pediatrics has been a proud participant in the Reach out and Read Program for almost 10 years now.   Over that time we have distributed over  17,000 books to our patients ages 6 months to 5 years and provided families guidance about how to support and promote early language development and early literacy skills in their children.  This groundbreaking program was developed by Pediatricians at Boston Medical Center and has become a research-supported nationwide program to aid American children of all backgrounds have a strong foundation for learning and communication when they first enter the school system.  The developmental benefits of reading to your child every day have been shown in numerous studies and are life-long.  The most critical years for language development are between 0-3 years of age.   We see this first-hand in our own office when we see the remarkable ability and interest in reading in our young patients.   The excitement on the faces of kids when they are presented a book and the eagerness with which they ask their parents to read it is one of the greatest joys of our practice.

Unfortunately, the state budget as currently provided by Governor Baker has removed all funding from this important program.    The funding for the program goes directly to the cost for providing books to children as well as the small staff which oversees the administration of the program and the educational mission.   Without this funding, the ability to provide books and education through Reach out and Read will be lost to a generation of children and the gains and benefits developmentally will be lost along with it.  Massachusetts has prided itself of the high educational level of its population, and this move risks harming that goal for our community.


We are asking you to read more about this issue and consider either advocating your support through a letter or online petition to the Governor and/or through donations to the Reach out and Read Program.  If you would like more information, please read the links below or contact our office to discuss with Dr. Bornstein.

Boston Globe article:


Online petition to Governor Baker:


Dear Governor Baker, As a family physician, children’s book author, and lifelong Massachusetts resident, I am very saddened and disappointed by the recent budget cuts leading to the defunding of Reach Out and Reach in my home state. Per a recent Boston Globe article by Bella English, upwards of 200,000 children…


To donate to Reach out and Read:



Aaron Bornstein, MD

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