“Healthy Living” goes beyond simply meeting one’s direct medical needs.   “Healthy Living” involves staying engaged in a lifestyle that promotes individual well-being and personal growth within relationships and the wider community.   Activities that expand your child’s experiences, strengthen the bonds within a family and community, and nourish both the mind and body are integral for a rewarding childhood.   Just as important is the need for recreation and enjoyment to provide balance to the demands of school, work and family.

Highlighted in this section of the website will be ideas, links, and resources to help families find new, fun and interesting ways to promote healthy living for their children.

We welcome your ideas to help further develop this section as we would like it to be helpful to you and other families in your community.   Please contact our office directly or fill out our survey if you have suggestions or contributions.

Middleboro Pediatrics maintains a philosophy of not endorsing any specific commercial products on our website.   We therefore do not directly endorse or sell products which may be advertised or sold on secondary websites we provide links to.   We may choose however to highlight at times organizations which we believe bring good value to families.