Educational Resources

Early Intervention Program

Early Intervention in Massachusetts is a statewide, integrated, developmental service available to families of children between birth and three years of age. Children may be eligible for EI if they have developmental difficulties due to identified disabilities or if typical development is at risk due to certain birth or environmental circumstances.

Department of Early Education and Care

The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) provides financial assistance to eligible families seeing care at early education and care or out of school time programs. Families must generally meet income and activity requirements to be eligible for EEC financial assistance.

Head Start

Head Start supports the development of the whole child. In addition to providing early learning experiences to help children improve their academic skills, Head Start promotes children’s physical wellness and social-emotional development, important factors in school readiness and future academic success.

South Bay Early Intervention

South Bay Early Intervention-Services are available in homes, community settings, and South Bay Early Intervention sites located in Brockton, Fall River, Lowell and Worcester. Depending on a child’s needs, Early Intervention may include: developmental evaluations, parent and/or child groups, parent support and education, home visits, speech, physical and occupational therapy

Triumph, Inc

Triumph Inc. is committed to providing a safe, nurturing and consistent environment in a developmentally appropriate setting that creates opportunities and experiences that will foster self-esteem and independence in children and their families.

The Federation for Children with Special Needs

The Federation is a center for parents and parent organizations to work together on behalf of children with special needs and their families. Organized in 1975 as a coalition of parent groups representing children with a variety of disabilities, the Federation offers workshops and training, advocacy and resources to parents of children with special needs and the professionals who serve them.

Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI)

The Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) promotes the full inclusion of people with disabilities in every aspect of society. This is done through training, research, consultation, and clinical and employment services. The ICI is a program of the University of Massachusetts Boston and Children’s Hospital Boston.

Parent Information Center (PIC)

Informs and enables parents to play a key role as partners with schools in ensuring children’s success in school. PIC focuses on empowering parent of children ages birth through high school to play a powerful role in their children’s development and education.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

University of Massachusetts

UMass Boston English as a Second Language programs are designed for individuals seeking to communicate more effectively and improve their

performance in professional, academic and social environments.


General Education Development Test give the ability to earn an equivalency high school diploma. There are five areas in which are tested, Language Arts (writing), Language Arts (reading), Social Studies, Science and Mathematics

After School Programs

Link to Department of Early Education and Care, to locate an after school program in your area.