Because of the nature of medical practice, sick  children with emergencies and urgent medical problems must always have priority. We will always try to see sick children the same day we receive the call. There will be occasional delays in our office schedule when emergencies arise or  the number of sick calls is more than usual.

Physical exams are an opportunity to ensure your  child is healthy, experiencing normal growth and development, and for you to  discuss any problems or concerns you may have. A little planning will make them  much more valuable for you.

When calling for appointments for physical  exams, please call at least 1 month in advance if possible. If an exam is  required sooner appointments are usually available, but may require seeing  someone other than your child’s usual provider. Appointments may be scheduled up  to 3 months in advance.

Although we will try to oblige parents if they  wish, we urge you to plan on a general physical exam for only one child at a  time. We feel it is important for each child to be allowed privacy and for he or  she to be the sole focus of attention during the visit. For older children who  can be left alone in an exam room, we will schedule more than one child from the  same family at 30 minute intervals to allow them to be examined separately.  Please get baby-sitters for small children who will need supervision while your  child is having his check up, or bring a second adult.

Plan on approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour for a  complete physical examination with its attendant lab work, immunizations,  hearing and vision screening tests, etc.

Please arrive a few minutes early for your  appointment. We are unable to maintain our schedule during the course of the day  if patients arrive late for their appointments. Patients who are more than 15  minutes late may be required to reschedule their appointments. If you are  going to be late, please call us so we may try to rearrange our schedule. Every  effort will be made to accommodate you to the extent possible.