Preparing For your Child’s Next Physical

A routine physical can sometimes be a frightening experience, especially for a young child. By preparing the child ahead of time with what to expect, it can become a less frightening experience. From this page you will be able to link to a page specific for your child’s age that will tell you and your child what to expect at the physical.

In addition to shots, blood tests, vision & hearing screens, etc., there are many forms that need to be completed. These forms give us valuable information about your child. Lead screens will also be done at physicals.  Your child may be due for a lead screen.  What is a lead screen?  Click here for more information.  They can also be a starting point for further discussion. Most of the forms that will needed are included on this web site.

Please look at the list below and click on the age that your child will be at his/her next physical. Please print out the forms listed and complete them. Don’t forget to bring the completed forms with to the appointment.