Here are several websites about nutrition.  You can learn about good eating habits here.  In addition, if you are concerned about your weight, you can learn healthy ways to slim down.

Go, Slow, and Whoa Foods
Use this chart as a guide to help you and your family make smart food choices. Foods are divided into three categories: Go foods – almost anytime foods, Slow foods -sometimes foods, and Whoa foods – once in a while foods.

Choose My Plate
Health and nutrition for children from the Center for Nutrition Policy and promotion, an organization of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Nutrition and Fitness

Information that explains the basics of nutrition and fitness, with east to follow tips on how to eat right and stay fit

Information about becoming a vegetarian

If you’re choosing a vegetarian diet, the most important thing you can do is to educate yourself. That’s why the ADA says that a vegetarian diet needs to be “appropriately planned.” This web site will help you make sure you are receiving all the important nutrients that your body needs.

Information on Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Diets.

People who have celiac (pronounced: see-lee-ak) disease have a disorder that makes their bodies react to gluten. The good news is that many favorite foods (even birthday cake and pizza) can be prepared without gluten. So if you have celiac disease, you can still find ways to enjoy most of your favorite foods — you just need to do some research and be aware of what’s in them.

Celiac Disease Foundation

A non-profit, public benefit corporation dedicated to providing services and support regarding celiac disease and dermatitis.

Food, Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network

Nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing about a clearer understanding of the issues surrounding food allergies and providing helpful resources and recipes.

Enjoy Life Foods

A privately owned company based in Schiller Park, Illinois that produces gluten-free, casein free, and foods intended to be non-allergic.

Tips for Teens with Diabetes: Make Healthy Food Choices

This tip web site provides useful information about diabetes and encourages teens to take action to manage their disease for a long and healthy life.

Information about Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals make people’s bodies work properly. Although you get vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat every day, some foods have more vitamins and minerals than others. You know vitamins and minerals are good for you. But which ones does your body really need? And is it possible to get too much of a good thing?

Dieting: Information for teens

If you’re thinking about dieting, or have dieted in the past, this web page is for you. It has facts about dieting, and suggestions about what to do and where to go if you are concerned about your weight.

Managing Your Weight

It’s particularly important to catch weight problems while someone is still a teen. Being overweight as a teen makes a person more likely to be overweight as an adult. In addition, many overweight teens are developing long-term medical problems like diabetes. Teens who are overweight also might be teased or bullied and are more at risk for depression. This web site will teach you how to lose weight safely.

Eating Disorders: Anorexia and Bulimia

Eating disorders are so common in America that 1 or 2 out of every 100 students will struggle with one. Each year, thousands of teens develop eating disorders, or problems with weight, eating, or body image. This web site will teach you about eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia

Multiservice Eating Disorder Association

Non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Includes a referral directory of treatment providers.

Walden Behavioral Care

A treatment facility located in Waltham, Massachusetts specializing in eating disorders that provides full continuum of care.

National Eating Disorders Association

National non-profit eating disorders organization. Information, referrals, support, prevention, conferences, and newsletters.

Cambridge Eating Disorder Center

Outpatient program dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders. Provides information about signs and symptoms, treatment, and referrals.